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    While we hope you all enjoy a nice summer, we thought you will also enjoy to hear some news from Jamoma.

    New in Jamoma

    Since the last post from our “Last months” series dating back to may, a number of things happened. The full list of changes being not the funniest thing to read, you can see these changes in action using the installer of Jamoma 0.5.3 available both for Mac AND PC. Also worth noting that a new UserLib installer was released on the 18th of July. Please visit Jamoma download page to give it a go.

    Another great news you may have missed is a new development project within Jamoma: Plugtastic. As previously mentioned, Plugtastic allows the building of Jamoma-based patches as plugins (AudioUnit at the moment). Initially developed by 74objects, Timothy Place not only decided to open source Plugtastic but also offered to include it in the main Jamoma distribution. We are thankful for all the efforts Tim put in Plugtastic and we hope it will get a fair interest and feedback from Jamoma community.

    Platform support

    As previously announced, with the release of Mac OS 10.7, Jamoma has to drop support of OS 10.5. As a consequence, Jamoma 0.5.4 and above will require Snow Leopard. Of course, Jamoma 0.5.3 will remain available for users who have to work under 10.5.

    Concerning Mac OS 10.7 support, Trond Lossius spent some time testing how good Jamoma works on Lion. However, a few problems remain at the time of this writing. If you already did the update to Lion, please get in touch with us to share your experience or help.

    Public appearance

    Nils Peters did a presentation of Jamoma during the CNMAT Max/MSP summer school 2011. In case you could not make it to this summer course edition, you can have fun going thru the Prezi presentation Nils did.

    Thanks to Renaud Rubiano invitation, Théo De La Hogue and Julien Rabin participated to a workshop hosted by didascalie.net, in Paris. While the workshop was not strictly dedicated to Jamoma, a nice amount of tests and practice was done on Jamoma 0.6 in particular regarding its features for interoperability. Without a doubt, you will soon read more information about this on Jamoma blog. Stay tuned.

    Regarding the artistic side, Jamoma has been used in Trond Lossius’ latest multi-channel installation at Hâkon’s hall in Bergen. If you planed to visit Bergen from now onto mid-september, be sure to go and hear this installation in such a beautiful place.

    New contact address

    As a conclusion note, while it is usually advised to share your feedbacks or feature requests with the whole Jamoma community thru the forum page, you can now also reach the core Jamoma team at this address. This may be useful if you want to get in touch to offer hosting of a workshop, offer support or get involved in whatever way you would like to discuss off-list.

    We hope you all have a nice summer. Thanks for your support.